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We all know movies and gambling are two of the funnest things ever. Sometimes combining the two makes for an interesting outcome: movies about gambling. Usually when it comes to those, a gambling film often takes place in a casino, or maybe a casino is a major plot point in a movie. But since most gambling movies are made years ago, if one were more interested in new netent slots they’d have to go find the real thing. But for those who still seem more interested in movies, there’s some to check out, but not too many because gambling films, especially Canadian ones are not made very often.

Some films shot in Canada are in fact from the United States. Take Rat Race for example. A good comedy about a tycoon who gets six of his high rollers to rush around the country to New Mexico where somewhere in a train station locker is the fortune of two million dollars. It’s a good natured film with a lot of hilarious incidents and an interesting variety of actors involved. How often do you find a film that features Whoopi Goldberg, John Cleese and Rowan Atkinson in the cast? 

Now as for movies that take place in casinos, there’s Casino Royale, 21 BlackJack, and The Last Casino, which are some of the greatest films of all time. They tend to take the viewers on all kinds of twists and turns. But sometimes movies aren’t the most realistic. As it was once said, the best stories are the ones that happen in real life. Like Molly’s Game, and Owning Mahowny. Both of these films are based on true stories. Molly’s Game tells the tale a woman who starts an illegal operation wit gambling so she can pay her dues and deal with the issues of being unemployed. Owning Mahowny is a great example of what happens when you take gambling far too out of control. Just when you thought the bank wasn’t stealing from you enough, you learn how in one movie, there was a clerk who embezzled from his own business putting obnoxious sums up to bet at casinos, further spiralling his life out of control. So take it from me, and most likely this movie if you get a chance to watch it: Be careful when gambling.

But more importantly, check out some online casinos today and have a little fun. It’s going to be a while before anyone can experience casinos in person again. 

If ever again for that matter…


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