Wanna Be A Great Filmmaker? Remember These 5 Essential Rules When Studying At College

Filmmaking is not for the faint heart. If you want to become a great filmmaker, you better be prepared for a tough task ahead.

But this should no scare you. As long as you follow these five essential rules you will find the task a lot less hectic.

Filmmaking is a creative and exciting industry.

As a filmmaker, you’re tasked with almost every aspect of the movie creation process from the script to the sound effects.

Well, you learn all these in a film school. Besides, you can learn a lot about the field when you collaborate with others out there.

According to Darren Spikes, a professional filmmaker who also offers online assignment help, there is no defined route that can make one a great filmmaker. However, following a few simple practices, you can make it.

And if you find yourself feeling like it’s impossible to become a great filmmaker, remember to follow these five rules of thumb.


  1. Filmmaking is a Collaborative Process

While there are hobbies you can go it alone, filmmaking is a collaborative process.

Well, of course, it’s possible to take up all the aspects of filmmaking alone, but given how hectic and mind-draining the duties are; the last thing you want to see is accomplishing work that no one will appreciate.

A good rule of thumb is to collaborate with a few other individuals you share the same passion. 

The good thing about filmmaking is that even if you all don’t have the experience you will share ideas that could help make the project a success.

Another important thing worth noting is that even when collaborating, everyone should focus on taking up their own duties.

You also need to treat your teammates with equal respect and value each other’s opinions and contributions.

There should be no one superior or inferior in your team.


  1. There is Nothing Original

Don’t be deceived. Everything you see in a movie is stolen from somewhere. But the way it is presented is what makes the difference. And when it comes to becoming a great filmmaker, you shouldn’t be afraid to fuel your inspiration and imagination by stealing what resonates with you.

Watch old and new films, read books, poems, and street signs, participate in conversations, and check other peoples’ photographs, do whatever you can but steal only that which resonates with your soul. This will help to make your work genuine. Remember that genuineness is priceless but uniqueness is nonexistent. 

In fact, don’t struggle to hide what you have stolen because as they say, “What matters is not where you take it but where you present it.”


  1. Communication is Key

Communication is essential in virtually any sector no matter the position you hold. And when it comes to filmmaking where a lot of people take different duties, being able to communicate properly with other people is important.

No matter the years of experience you have in the industry, if you lack communication skills, you’re not going to actualize your dream.

Typically, the task involves working with screenwriters, producers, and many other filmmaking professionals. All these individuals must take up their roles effectively based on the instructions set. They also need to understand that a mistake by one party affects the entire team.

To make sure you’re all working as one, effective communication is required.


  1. Self-Promotion Skills are Important

You’re going to need self-promotion skills because you’re the one who will sell yourself. Therefore, you must learn how to promote yourself.

As a filmmaker or an artist, you have to sell yourself for people to like your stuff”, says Peter Rogerson, a video production expert who also works with essay review service.

When promoting yourself, don’t mind that people will see you as being arrogant.

Remember that unless you’re taking it just for fun, filmmaking is a business and you must know how to sell your stuff effectively. 

Also, when selling yourself, don’t prioritize the money but focus on making people know about your project.


  1. It Takes Time

If there is anywhere the mantra “Rome wasn’t built in a day” fits well then it’s in the filmmaking industry.

Yes, you heard that well.

See, it’s possible to think that you’re a great filmmaker because you can pick up your camera and start shooting films but being a great filmmaker takes time.

Well, of course, there are people born with natural talent who can start today and be known immediately, however, not all are born this way, so you need to make long-term plans.

In that case, you need to start by attending filmmaking school, gain knowledge, and then start working low-end jobs, until you get to the senior roles.

In short, you will have to go through it all before you become a great filmmaker.

Just focus on improving your skills and talent and opportunities will find you on the way.


Additional Rules to Becoming a Great Filmmaker

  • Read as You Shoot

See, the filmmaking industry is evolving much the same as other industries. That means that if you’re stuck with the old filmmaking techniques, you will have a hard time rising above the waters.

So, you want to stay on top of the industry in terms of developments and trends.

Read scripts from Hollywood and other movies to get insights on the new trends in the industry, stay informed on the business developments, etc.

  • Kindness Pays

Yes, if you be kind to others, you will enjoy a lot of benefits.

Of course, this doesn’t have to cost you a dime. Being kind to others may involve doing humble things like acknowledging other filmmakers’ projects or mentioning them whenever you’re discussing with others.

You never know this but that one mention you make about other professional filmmakers could open flood gates for your projects’ success if they return the favors to you by mentioning you on their discussions as well.


Final Word

As you can see, becoming a great filmmaker is a journey full of ups and downs. However, it will be much fun and fulfilling to sit back and reflect on where you started and where you have reached so far.

As a rule, take the time to learn the rules of the game. While this might sound like a waste of time, the long-term benefits are worth it.

Happy shooting!

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