Canadian Movies About Gambling

One of the great aspects about being interested in a specific topic is that there are many people around the world (and in your country) sharing that interest. Gambling is undoubtedly one such topic. Over the recent years, playing in a casino (both online and in land-based establishments) became a trendy hobby in Canada, and as a result, a plethora of movies on the subject have been created. If you were interested in learning what are some of the best Canadian films about gambling, we compiled this list for you.


Lucky Girl (2001)

Lucky Girl is a Canadian drama that follows a high-school student’s obsession with gambling, which quickly spirals out of control and results in her accumulating a mountain of debt. Kaitlyn, the heroine, starts buying lottery tickets in order to save up money for a trip to Amsterdam, and she later begins to bet on sports and play in online casinos. Kaitlyn soon begins to lose more money than she thought she possibly could, which is why we want to remind you how important it is to check the reviews on top paying online casino NZ of an establishment before you start gambling. Many slots websites claim to be, the best but are they really? Do your research and stay responsible while gambling in online casinos claiming to be paying out real money.

The Last Casino (2004)

Pretty much everyone has heard the story about a group of MIT students  using card counting to win at blackjack. The Last Casino is a Canadian film that was inspired by the MIT Blackjack Team; however, it is worth noting that the narrative is different enough to enjoy even if you’re seen other interpretations of the story.

The Last Casino follows three university students trying to make money at blackjack for their professor to pay off his debt and for them to receive a reward. Since they are using card counting, casino managers often become suspicious of them, and the group has to travel across Quebec and Ontario to visit different establishments. The film is often regarded as one of the great examples of Canadian cinematography, which is why you should check it out.

Cold Deck (2015)

This more recent film, Cold Deck, is another good example of a Canadian film about gambling. The story follows a compulsive gambler who accepts the offer to rob a high-stake poker game after his disappointing losing streak. Although the reviews the movie received were far from perfect, we still believe that watching Cold Deck is a nice and relaxing way to spend an evening. Regardless of whether you’re in it because of the high-stake poker game, the thrilling world of the rich and violent, or the love story development, you will find something to enjoy.


Owning Mahowny (2003)

If a movie made it to Roger Ebert’s list of ten best films of a year, you can be sure it is worth watching, and such is definitely true for Owning Mahowny. The movie is based on real-life and follows a Canadian bank employee who scams his clients and uses their money to feed his gambling addiction. The unique aspect of Owning Mahowny is that it focuses on risks of addiction rather than the flashiness of big casinos and attractiveness of multimillion-dollar frauds. 

Unfortunately, such risks are not exclusive to movie characters and real-life casinos, and they can be extremely real for those playing slots online and testing websites claiming they are paying out real money. To make sure you stay as safe as possible, check reviews at the CasinoTopNZ before you start playing. Besides, remember to stay responsible and manage your money. 

Atlantic City (1980)

If you are not a fan of thrillers and drama films but still want to enjoy the topic of gambling, Atlantic City is the right choice for you. This Canadian-French film centers around a young waitress Sally working in a casino in Atlantic City. Unwillingly, she finds herself in the epicenter of events, including drug trafficking, murders, and illegal lotteries. At the same time, the movie explores a variety of human relationships and emotions. Atlantic City was nominated for a multitude of awards in Canada, France, and the US, of which it received an impressive number. Besides, it is also worth noting that the movie is considered to be one of the films deserving to be preserved by the National Film Registry.


Regardless of how experienced you are in the world of gambling, the topic is fascinating for a plethora of people all over the world, including in Canada. If you ever want to take a break from playing in an online casino and watch somebody else test their luck, watching a movie about gambling may be a good idea. We hope that you will find something to suit your liking in our recommendations.

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