Half Past Late on Storyhive – It’s the perfect time to vote!

STORYHIVE votes are officially open as of today, and one stunning project among many is Half Past Late, written and directed by former writer Danny Kai Mak. A fantastic plot based on a true story, Half Past Late stars Kristina Hampton as Ruth as she plans to move to England for purposes of work. But first, she gets involved with her old friend, Felix, played by Lou Ticzon. After an intense party, the two of them get stuck in a moment that clears all obstacles. But the big issue is given their commitments, they must decide if love is worth it. Danny said the idea came from a friend who told him one night he spent with a girl and despite it being platonic, they did say certain things about each other. However, it didn’t work out. So Danny took that experience he heard and came up with an interesting way to showcase it. He brought it through many different changes, and then the best opportunity struck. Many emerging local filmmakers will begin through the process of something like Crazy 8’s or 72-hour film festivals, but Danny had found his opportunity with Storyhive. He happily explained, “When STORYHIVE was announced, we saw an opportunity to finally make this film a reality, and so we decided to go for it. It’s been a productive journey so far.”

Working alongside with Danny is cinematographer Turner Stewart, known for his work on short films such as Cuties, What We Do, Haxx Deadroom: A Cyberpunk Story, and many more. Original soundtrack is being provided by Royce Costa, production design provided by Dionne Copland, and sound design done by Devon Cooke. With teamwork, they have delivered an amazing pitch and are well on their way to making this project a reality more and more.

Be sure to check out the trailer for Half Past Late on STORYHIVE today. Check out their Facebook page for regular updates as well. Don’t forget to vote for this project, as this was in fact created by truly one of the greatest minds I have ever had the pleasure of knowing.

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