Film Review | Asteroid (2015)

Film run-time: 10 minutes | Starring Cadence Schuster, Peter Higginson, Corrinne King Written and Directed by Kristina Mileska, Cinematography by Andy Kloske, Sound by Emmerek Vanleur “Asteroid“, a 2015 short film by Kristina Mileska, is an imaginative sojourn into the boundless imagination of a young girl, whose bedtime story rituals with her grandfather carry both […]

Film Review | Chocolate Cake (2017)

Film run-time: 9 minutes | Starring Brittney Grabill, Manny Jacinto, Kurt Ostlund Directed by Brittney Grabill, Written by Josh Ssettuba, Produced by Mary Rachel Gardner “Chocolate Cake“, a 2017 short film by Brittney Grabill, is a romantic conjuring of the tangential ideations that exist in every charged moment—a visual poem of the mind engaged, leapt […]

Film Review | OverAgain (2016)

Film run-time: 4 minutes | Starring Riley Dandy, Sam Krumrine Written and Directed by Marc Pannia, Written and Produced by Lilianna Wilde, Cinematography by Marco Tomaselli “OverAgain“, a 2016 short film by Marc Pannia, is a testament to thought, action, and their often contradictory intersection, in the course of charting one’s trajectory in life, love […]

Film Review | The Little Deputy (2015)

Film run-time: 8 minutes | Starring Trevor Anderson, Luke Oswald, Rob Chaulk Written and Directed by Trevor Anderson, Produced by Blake McWilliam, Cinematography by Peter Wunstorf “The Little Deputy“, a 2015 short film by Trevor Anderson, is a mythologized re-telling of one man’s childhood memory, recaptured as a pivotal instance of self-realization. In filtering the […]