Film Review | Chocolate Cake (2017)

“Chocolate Cake“, a 2017 short film by Brittney Grabill, is a romantic conjuring of the tangential ideations that exist in every charged moment—a visual poem of the mind engaged, leapt into possibilities, wakefully conscious to rummage for rationale and insight. Jenny and Tim are on a date, and as they share a slice of cake […]

Film Review | OverAgain (2016)

“OverAgain“, a 2016 short film by Marc Pannia, is a testament to thought, action, and their often contradictory intersection, in the course of charting one’s trajectory in life, love and loss. In reminiscence, a clarity of thought is addled by a nostalgic record of the past. Sam retraces his relationship with his girlfriend Riley, and […]

Film Review | The Little Deputy (2015)

“The Little Deputy“, a 2015 short film by Trevor Anderson, is a mythologized re-telling of one man’s childhood memory, recaptured as a pivotal instance of self-realization. In filtering the past through an artistic lens, a creative reclamation can enable a deeper understanding of self. Trevor wishes to recreate a photograph that he had taken in […]

Film Review | 12 Weeks (2015)

“12 Weeks“, a 2015 short film by Marc-André Girard, is a recognition of the extraordinary in the everyday—the drama that lies beneath the veneer of quotidian life. Where human presence is marked by personal gestures and subtle revelations, even the most ordinary of circumstances can prove to be richly suffused with meaning. Lilly, an expectant […]