Exclusive – The East Van Short Film Showcase Part II

exclusiveWhen I sat down to talk to Aaron Ling, Rene Rebora and James Kingstone about their event promoting the East Van film community, I realized I had been missing out on some prime entertainment.

With so many entries, there are a lot of films to sort through. They received over 100 international films alone.

I continued to ask about the meat and potatoes of this short film showcase… I got all that on a large plate with a dish of dessert.

Each event is hosted by a comedian. Every effort to create a fun and positive tone is intentional. Bringing the public out in droves makes it all worthwhile.

“It’s a very fun night with films that will resonate with many people. Sometimes they’re political, sometimes the filmmakers want to make a point, sometimes it’s about telling a funny story. This is their opportunity for that.”

They will be advertising the next event in The Georgia Straight and Facebook, as well as other social media outlets.

They are open to the idea of expanding on the East Van Short Film Showcase if attendance continues to be positive.

In addition to producing the film event, Aaron and James are integral pieces to a film company, Hammer and Tong.

Rene is an actor.

These men have vision, they have gumption, they have an evident passion to bring a diverse community together and they had my undivided attention until we said goodbye.

Thanks guys…

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