Exclusive – East Van Short Film Showcase Part I

exclusiveI recently met up with three very memorable gentlemen involved in promoting the East Van Short Film Showcase.

They sat down with me to express how very important this event is, what it means to them, why they started it and what they’ve discovered since its inception.

Aaron Ling, Rene Rebora and James Kingstone met with me in Metrotown to give me the 411 on this unique event.

“What type of criteria/length meet qualifications?”

“We like to accept primarily short local films but it’s open to international talent as well. All genres are welcome and we ask for films to be no longer than 20 minutes. Certainly, we won’t turn a film away if its 21 or 22 minutes. We have had submissions that were 1 ½ hours long.”

The event is held at the Rio Theatre. They’ve twice had great turnouts in the hundreds.

“Why do you guys do it?”

“We do it to bring the East Vancouver community together. To give them a venue to showcase their indie films and share them with the crew and actors that helped create it. Not only that, their families and friends can also share in the screenings. There’s also the general public that go to be entertained and want to experience a few hours watching budding filmmakers on the rise. It’s a great hybrid crowd.”

The atmosphere is as diverse as it is dynamic. The next event is in the near future.

(To be continued . . .)

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