Never Ever Do This at Home (Series Review)

The name says it all in this semi-documentary/comedy series about two men who specialize in doing some of the stupidest possible things to a house, in a house, or even around a house. Learn obvious hazards and laugh awkwardly as Norm Sousa and Teddy Wilson move into a special exclusive house every season (there’s only two) and come up with creative yet dangerous things to do.

Anyone with half a functioning brain will already know that the experiments spotlighted in this show are things one should never do. At home. Or anywhere else. Some of these foolish ideas include making a turntable/lazy susan motorized, cooking things at dangerously high temperatures, and in some cases like Season 1, doing outdoor activities indoors. Sometimes it’s childlike such as playing baseball in the house or jumping on the bed. Sometimes it’s a little more extreme and even somewhat illegal, like riding around in a hot-tub made of a pickup truck bed, or painting with a cannon.

I can see why this only lasted two seasons. Because a lot of these experiments were just as silly as the show’s layout. Throwing in some geeky facts from some science book/website after the experiments doesn’t really help much either. If anything, that’s just filler. Even the previously and next bumpers show almost everything that happened in the last or next episode. When you watch a whole episode, you realize the experiments don’t last very long. But I will admit, it got some vibes within me going during some of the crazy explosions or even the reactions. Sure, the hosts are only semi funny, but they do a good job at keeping the show somewhat watchable. It’s not good, it’s not bad, it’s just… ridiculous.

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