Exclusive – L.A. Beat

What are your thoughts on cop movies? Kindergarten Cop, Blue Steel, Chinatown, Serpico, Dirty Harry, The Departed, The French Connection, Fargo, Blade Runner, Heat, Reservoir Dogs, the list goes on and on. Now how many cop movies combined with found footage can you think of? I couldn’t think of any either. If you’re a writer, […]

Exclusive – The Evil In Us

I don’t usually watch scary movies as a rule. I think it could stem from my childhood growing up with the Night Gallery episodes or the Chiller Thriller Saturday night horror shows that have instilled knee jerk reactions to fright and the anxiety associated with it. Sometimes it is seriously hard to outgrow those tendencies. […]

How Many Hats Will Your Head Fit?

In the Indy film scene, you’re making your first few films and you’re still doing the editing, directing, producing, writing, location managing, catering. Burn out is common, bonds are made and its an experience that can sometimes be called, life altering. Once its finished, its on to booking premieres, marketing and distribution. This is the […]