Hollywood North publishes news on the Canadian film industry five days a week, highlighting homegrown and independent film and television projects. Under the corporate umbrella of Manna Computer Services Inc., a Lower Mainland of B.C. company, we have been working hard since 2015 to be a forum where readers can inform themselves about the diverse opportunities out here, and make the vital connections pertinent to their filmmaking careers.


The Team

Nick Wangersky, a graduate of The Art Institute of Vancouver, is still finding his way around the film industry. Nick has expanded his horizons with the help of the Vancouver B-Movie Factory, and is also active in several other filmmaking and acting groups in the Lower Mainland. Currently, he writes film reviews and announcements, produces the newscasts for this site, studies acting, and works as a demo-reel editor, videographer, and actor.



Darren Wiesner
, a screenwriter of more than ten years’ standing, attended Vancouver Film School. He has had a lot of interesting experiences in the industry, including nine visits to The Great American PitchFest. He’s met a lot of creators along the way, both famous and emerging, and enjoys interviewing them.





Danny Kai Mak is a writer and filmmaker working in various disciplines—film, theatre, and video. A graduate of the Theatre program at the University of British Columbia, his interests lie in dramatic storytelling and expressive cinematography. Most recently awarded the Royal Reel Award for his short film “Chance(s)”, Danny is currently working on a feature-length play.





Alex Southey currently attends Vancouver Film School for screenwriting. He is a graduate of the University of British Columbia. His interests lie mostly in film, television, music, and comedy.






Shane Edgeworth is a graduate of the University of Limerick in his home country of Ireland, where he attained his undergraduate degree. He then attended University College Cork, where he received his MA in film studies. He is a freelance writer, and all-round film fanatic learning the ways of the industry in the city of Toronto.






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