Discovering PORKY’S

Long after he made the snow-covered streets run red in Black Christmas and just prior to lensing the nostalgia-fest Christmas Story, American-born director Bob Clark utilized Canada’s generous tax-shelter film policy once again to bring his adolescent memories to the screen in what turned out to be the highest-grossing Canadian production for over two decades: […]

Trick r’ Treat Review

The anthology film has always found a comfortable home in the horror genre. From cult classics like Creepshow and Cats Eye to more recent forays like ABCs of Death and Nightmare Cinema, the format has proved fertile ground for the scary short story to thrive. While these efforts have almost never set the box office […]

VIFF: Drinking With Michael Moore

One item you wouldn’t be able to find in this year’s printed program (like Laundromat and Ford v. Ferrari, it was a last-minute edition) was an anniversary screening of the landmark documentary Roger & Me. A still-relevant look at runaway crony capitalism and the devastating effect it can have on the working class, this last-minute […]