Young People F*cking – Review

Even if you aren’t aware of the contents of Bill C-10, you may recall the controversy it attracted a decade ago. A clause within called for tax credits to be denied for films that contained content “contrary to the public policy”. Outcry was swift and vast with celebrities such as David Cronenberg, Sarah Polley and […]

Room for Rent – Review

Its a rare person who doesn’t dream of winning millions in the lottery jackpot and making all their wildest dreams come true. But what happens if you fail to invest wisely and the money runs out? Just ask the protagonist of Room for Rent. Mitch Baldwin (Mark Little) found himself at the top of the […]

Rock and Rule – Review

If you grew up watching television in Canada during the last 45 years, chances are you’ve seen the animated work of Nelvana Studios. From Care Bears, Magic School Bus, and Pippi Longstocking to the more recent Detentionaire and Mysticons, the Toronto-based company has kept kids of all ages entertained with countless episodes of animated adventures. […]

Too Funny To Fail – Review

Titanic was unsinkable, Hillary Clinton was to be the 45th U.S President, and The Dana Carvey Show was to revolutionize ABC’s primetime television line-up. But even with all the hopes, prayers and talent in the world, some things just aren’t meant to be as told in comically frank detail by the talent who lived it […]

49th Parallel – Review

Hollywood was far from alone alone in bringing Canadian-set stories to the silver screen in the mid-20th century. Our former colonial parent Great Britain utilized our land from coast to coast as the setting for it’s WWII propaganda effort, 49th Parallel. In the hands of the legendary filmmaking team of Michael Powell and Emeric Pressburger, […]

Crazy Moon (Review)

I was once at a video store (remember those?) with my father when we came upon the Canada section. He remarked that he had difficulty coming up with a single Canadian-produced film that wasn’t relentlessly dark or depressing. Being faced with the oeuvre of body horror maestro David Cronenberg and the alienating melodramas of festival-darling […]