Spider (Review)

Time and again I find myself coming back to review a work by David Cronenberg, who by this stage I believe is one of the most purposefully enigmatic and multi-faceted directors still working today. What separates Cronenberg from many a director is his unique capacity to evoke primal psychology through imagery. Until recently I believed […]

Days of Heaven (Review)

Terrence Malick is something of an enigma. The writer/director’s first two feature films were critically acclaimed, with their reputations having aged like a fine wine over the years. The first, Badlands, is considered to be one of the finest debuts by a filmmaker ever, making an immediate mark on the cinematic landscape with his use […]

Black Christmas (Review)

Since it is Christmas and I’m feeling a little festive, it only makes sense that I review a Christmas film this week, or, at least, a Christmas-themed psychological slasher. Happy Holidays! Given that the Christmas slasher is not exactly a sub-genre of horror, the cinephiles out there have likely guessed that I can only be […]

Mandy (Review)

In my review of Beyond the Black Rainbow last week, I wholeheartedly recognised director Panos Cosmatos as a budding prospect with auteurist sensibilities, even going so far as to compare him to Davids Lynch and Cronenberg. I say budding, because I nonetheless found Cosmatos’ debut to be inherently problematic, despite the evident vision. I was […]

Beyond the Black Rainbow (Review)

I remember the first time I had ever watched David Lynch’s Mulholland Drive, and how its sheer brilliance had rendered me speechless, while what I can only describe as a tingling sensation cascaded the length of my spine the very moment it faded to black. It was one of the most profound cinematic experiences of […]