I Killed My Mother (Review)

The film business is a tough nut to crack for any director, with many of the most talented directors making their feature film debut in their thirties, or maybe even late twenties if they are lucky. But then you have the current reigning wunderkind Canadian cinema, Xavier Dolan, whose 2009 feature debut, I Killed My […]

Goon (Review)

The NHL playoffs kick-off today, and so in the spirit of any sports fan, it seems only right that I review a hockey film this week. Considering that I am more than partial to the works of Jay Baruchel and Evan Goldberg, I decided to watch something written by the duo, the 2011 Michael Dowse-directed […]

Cube (Review)

My issue with a lot of horror and thriller films today, is that they tend to be overly predictable, caving easily to genre conventions instead of taking bold risks. As I watched the 1997 film Cube, directed by Vincenzo Natali, I expected to be bombarded by one eye-roll-inducing horror cliché after another. Instead, it proves […]

Goin’ Down the Road (Review)

Whenever I hear talk of quintessential Canadian cinema, or read any one of the many top-ten lists I have encountered, a reference to Donald Shebib’s 1970 film Goin’ Down the Road is almost inescapable. By today’s standards, its low-budget nature might leave some feeling underwhelmed, but do not be misled. The film’s realistic narrative and […]

Exotica (Review)

Atom Egoyan’s 1994 film Exotica opens with a slow, panning shot of a jungle-themed mural, mixed with instances of artificial plants in its foreground, which gave me an immediate sense of déjà vu. The camerawork here is undeniably similar to the opening of Egoyan’s subsequent 1994 feature, The Sweet Hereafter (a film I reviewed last […]