True Lies (Review)

I am going to admit right off the bat that I am big James Cameron fan. Say what you will about the filmmaker, but he is able to produce, on a pretty consistent basis, gargantuan films that tend to push the technological envelope of the time, and for the betterment of the film industry going […]

Demolition (Review)

Last week, in my review of Jean-Marc Vallée’s Wild, I acknowledged the Montreal director’s increasingly recognisable style, which makes use of fleeting images and flashbacks to produce emotionally hard-hitting revelations in the present. The intricate task of balancing the past and the present is no easy feat, and as such Vallée earns his auteur status. […]

Wild (Review)

The concept of visual poetry is not so easily defined. If I were to make any sort of attempt at defining it, I would say that it is something you sense or feel, evoked from a series of images saturated in narrative and thematic purpose, which intertwine to make create something more profound. Or, at […]