Toy Story 4 (Review)

When the first entry of a potential franchise is a home-run, its sequel is forced to bear a weight of expectation that becomes almost impossible to live up to. It’s because of this that there is the perceived curse of the ‘sophomore slump’ in the film industry. Some steer headfirst into said curse with little […]

Top 3 Will Arnett Roles

If I had to choose Canada’s most distinctive voice in comedy right now, it would have to be Will Arnett. Sure, his baritone rasp has become something of a trademark, but Arnett is also a talented comedic performer in his own right, which no doubt lends to his near omnipotent presence in mainstream television and […]

Long Shot (Review)

So this review comes a little later than intended, especially given that Long Shot had its wide release early last month. Nonetheless, this is for those of you who might still be able to catch it in theatres, or would otherwise like to catch it on DVD or online, because either way this surprisingly relevant, […]