My Top 5 Canadian Actors

Canada has produced some of the most talented, revered thespians in cinema’s relatively short history, and with new talents such as Mackenzie Davis and Mena Massoud earning some of the most sought-after roles in Hollywood, the extensive list of world-class acting talents Canada to come out of Canada is an ever-growing one. It has been […]

A Simple Favour (Review)

American cinema simply cannot get enough of the industry tax haven that is Canada. If you look hard enough in the background of a film shot in Canada, but set in America, chances are you might catch a glimpse of a familiar landmark, or maybe even the occasional Pizza Pizza.   While Paul Feig’s 2018 […]

Porky’s (Review)

During the Christmas period I reviewed American filmmaker Bob Clark’s 1974 classic psychological slasher Black Christmas, an accomplished cinematic achievement which proved to be an influential entry in the horror genre. Yet horror is not the only genre influenced by Clark, nor is Black Christmas the only Canadian production with which he was involved. Clark’s […]