The Hurricane (Review)

Incarceration of the innocent is hardly a recent issue, and is certainly nothing new in the realm of cinema. While there are some truly great works of fiction, such as The Count of Monte Cristo, and of course The Shawshank Redemption, it is the non-fiction biopics that carry the added weight of real-world consequence. Although […]

Take This Waltz (Review)

Emotional human connection is arguably one of the most difficult aspects of a drama to believably pull off. When all is said and done, it requires at least a trifecta from the writer, director and actors. Sarah Polley and her leads achieved just this in Polley’s 2006 writing and directing debut, Away From Her, and […]

Remembering Leslie Nielsen

While there are those that make comedy look so easy, it is anything but. Delivering a one-two punchline to get that gut-busting response from audiences requires, at the very least, pinpoint timing and a general sense of what people respond and relate to best. What’s even harder again, however, is achieving the same response with […]