Loretta Todd is on a roll

In my coverage for VIWIFF, I mentioned a while back that there needs to be more indigenous productions. Well, it looks like those are happening. Indigenous filmmaker Loretta Todd has been making intense progress lately with many of her productions. One production is a web series called Fierce Girls, which focuses on two indigenous who […]

Madame (Review)

Ah, Paris. The country of love… Sometimes. Anne (Toni Collette) and Bob (Harvey Keitel) are struggling with their marriage as indicated in the opening. As a simple bike ride gets out of hand for the two of them and the end up going separate ways. That’s what it like for the wealthy couples. But much […]

Love, Hope and Autism (Review)

As a filmmaker and an individual with autism, I have come across many people on the spectrum and I know the hardships that come along with raising autistic children (despite not raising any myself). It can be a challenge. It can be a surprise. It’s never quite what anyone expects. Even my own mother has […]