Candiland (Review)

Fantasy worlds. So many people like to create their own little fantasy worlds where they are the ruler and they can escape the hardships of reality. But how much fantasy is too much? When you’re pushed to the brink of insanity, that’s when you have to know your limit, unless you’re too delusional to notice […]

Coming Distractions (Review)

First day of a new job is always scary and awkward when you don’t exactly know everyone just yet. And Coming Distractions shows us an all too familiar feeling in the pilot episode. Rebecca (Felicia Simone) arrives on her very first day and finds herself dealing with hardships as the newest employee. Rebecca’s new job […]

Menorca (Review)

Let’s talk about traveling films. No, NOT the film production from Quebec, films that take you on trips. I’ve seen so many trip/journey films and they’re all pretty basic: Zany adventures meeting strange people on the way. Moon Point, Brooklyn, Churchill, Galiano Island, A remote island in Thai, it seems like films can take you […]


What’s the latest thing that people do nowadays? They broadcast themselves. That’s right, broadcasting. Youtube, Facebook, and other platforms have the live option which lets someone grab their phone and record themselves anywhere at all from their bedroom to any event they’re going to. But what if some people want to broadcast on anywhere else besides […]