Hunting Pignut (Review)

Ah, another coming of age film. These ones are so relatable, in some sense, and so common as well. Moving on, our film is about a teen girl named Bernice (Taylor Hickson), who is not very well accepted among her peers. Family life isn’t easy either and by now, you’ve probably figured she’s going through […]

D E J A V U (Review)

Mystical Creativity, a short and simple video of vibrant colours and stunning visuals. D E J A V U treats the viewer to a quick series of clips starring Antonia Juric in a couple of different unique styles ranging from simple to elaborate. For those who don’t understand what this is all about, it focuses […]

Mutants (Review)

Who likes playing baseball? …Me neither. Well, that’s what this film is about anyhow. What, you thought a film called Mutants was about monsters made from toxic waste? No. It’s about a French Canadian baseball team of teens ready for practice. But before it can begin, they must initiate their new team member Keven (Joseph […]

Fly (Review)

What is it with these foreign types of films distributed by Travelling? I can see why they have that name. The movies have me traveling to figure out so much. Geez. Our film stars Amy Sobol as a geeky girl. And she looks an awful lot like Ugly Betty or some geeky girl you probably […]

L’appartement (Review)

Renovations are fun. Well, maybe not. It’s been so long since I’ve watched anything from Quebec let alone Travelling Distribution, and so I figured this could be a nice start. Our short film begins with a young woman (Evelyne Brochu) who is, of course, renovating her apartment. First off, she starts putting up some new […]