Canadian Culinary Culture on Netflix

Recently, the geniuses at justbanter.ai have come up with a fascinating way  to combine Canadian comfort food with a common show on Netflix. It’s amazing to see what food goes best with what show. I’ll bet it’s nothing you’d ever think about, but the info is interesting. Basically what you eat explains your personality traits and how these things somehow prove what you enjoy watching. Here’s the info: If you like Italian pastas as a comfort food, then you have a huge interest in crime dramas. Maybe it has something to do with the Italian mafia being involved. Lots of Canadians eat poutine, but did you know it had a connection to comedy? Well, that statistic does sound like a laugh, but maybe you’ll agree with me. Just don’t choke on any gravy or cheese curds or a fry when watching the newest season of Next Wave of Standup. But what about Romantic Dramas? Well, extra sweet butter tarts seem to be a perfect fit for that kind of genre. I guess the simplicity of the food keeps people at ease during the really dramatic moments. Then there’s the delicious meat-filled Tourtiere which goes great with history since both of them have plenty of layers to them. And the best feel-good food for any feel-good series is another long time Canadian favourite: Nanaimo bars. Funny thing about that, I had some of those on a film set I was recently on. How about that? Pretty interesting connections all along, and you may want to know more details as to why these foods fit. Well just grab your own comfort food and chow down while seeing more details on https://justbanter.ai/ today. All this writing about food has made me hungry. I’m going to get some grub myself.

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