Viewings in Vancouver – The Conmen are Coming

Today for a limited time only, Trayvon Dweedlebopper’s upcoming series, The Conmen Are Coming will be released. One of the more interesting series, The Conmen Are Coming focuses on some of the dumbest criminals ever to get themselves into messes but still manage to get out whatever they’ve gotten into. A crime series with comedic elements is how writer/producer Jason Black describes it. The three main characters in this series are three lifelong friends: Verbeke, Arnie, and Ned. Thanks to Verbeke’s bad habits, these three find themselves in trouble, and while they attempt to resolve these issues, things only get more out of hand in a twisted but humorous way. The first few episodes got a test screening just last week at Cineworks where audience members had mixed reactions from “WHAAAA?” to “What is THAT guy doing in a production?”.

For the first episode, Verbeke with his own bad habits of theft steals a car from the Kitsilano area to discover a dead body in the trunk. Upon realizing this, he goes to Arnie for a possible solution. They talk to Ned who supplies them with some dynamite to blow up the car and destroy the evidence. Of course, when they think the whole problem is over, Arnie wakes up the next morning to a former federal agent who has turned to crime. The deranged man known as Robert had the car originally and was planning to dispose it in the scrapyard, but since the three jokers did the job for him, he is both angry and proud. Robert gives Arnie an offer for both him and his friends to kill off another criminal named Stefan who got released from jail for good behaviour.  The three friends get help from a few other associates and make a plan to head to Stefan’s to take him out. But upon being there, something else happens, when they’re offered another opportunity. Who do they end up working with between Stefan and Robert?

I can’t say much else besides that, but I can say in the next episode, our three freaky friends get another strange opportunity when another goon for their boss meets an untimely demise over a huge scandal. This time around, the guys are required to get rid of two dead bodies, not only the deceased henchman named Alex but also his wife Jenny who he killed. While the boss meets up with a client of his own for the day, it’s time for Arnie and his friends to destroy the evidence. But while the boys are trying to clean things up, one of Jenny’s secret lovers arrives. While Arnie and Ned try to reason with the suitor, Verbeke tripping on some LSD shoots the man in the back of the head, making a bigger mess. However, this gives the guys a new opportunity to create a new alibi involving the guy they just killed. But will it  be convincing enough?

Other crazy shenanigans involve finding a bag of money unexpectedly and not knowing what to do with it, killing somebody at the wrong address only to find out they were a criminal all along, and even an entire episode where they trip out on LSD they bought online from a strange seller overseas. The drug fantasies create a new type of genre one could only describe as surrealism. Be sure to be on the lookout for this strange new series as it releases on streaming platforms everywhere.

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