Amazing Achievements at VFS

Lately, VFS has been making some great strides in not only making great students even greater with their fields of work, but also for the community in Vancouver. Just a couple months ago, VFS hosted an acting event which was led by Andres Soto. As an actor, I had to join in on the event, and and learn some cool new stuff. Opening up with a speech by Omari Newton about the acting course at VFS and what exactly people do in acting work. Shortly afterwards, he introduced us to the cast of Dragon Prince where there was an informal chat. Next came a tour of the many different studios and rooms. These included the Beyond Capture Stage, the Green Screen Room, the TV Sitcom set, and a discussion panel led by Andres Soto. As an attendee of this event, I got to witness motion capture at its finest, experience being an actor in a live sitcom, and learn about low budget shooting when working as a voice actor.

But there’s more to share! Just last month, VFS announced some talented alumni who actually contributed to BARBIE last year. There were 3 people in the 3D Animation and Visual Effects department, Robert Maisonet, Yi-Kai Shieh, and Tami Wijoyo. Mike Tucker who worked in Game Design, and Ben Arthur who is an actor had some involvement as well. But that’s not all, these talented individuals have also worked as Nuke Compositors, Lighting Artists, and more while working on productions like “The Addams Family, “American Horror Story”, and even “Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse”. There’s a lot of interesting things coming out of VFS, who knows what they will be up to next in this upcoming year?

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