Top Five Casino Movies on Netflix Canada

Since their invention, movies have been a great way to spend your leisure time. The film industry has been galloping on forward since its first day so besides cinemas and movie theatres nowadays we have online movie platforms that offer movies and movie news alike. The most popular one is Netflix.

Netflix offers a staggering amount of old and new movies and TV shows available at any time. It is a neat platform because of one simple feature: After you finish a show or movie it offers something similar for you to watch. Whether it’s horror or thriller or comedy, Netflix has it all. Crime movies have always been popular amongst younger and older audiences.

People have liked to gamble a long time ago. Casinos offer gambling services legally. Sure you can work 8 hours a day or you can visit your nearest casino, win a million dollars and never work a day in your life. Or if you’re smart you can become an owner of a few casino websites with amaya casino games on offer.

Besides visiting your favorite casino to play some poker or black jack or slots games you can have all these games brought to you through many online casino operators. These websites offer a lot of promotions that can get you more rewards and, if you’re loyal enough they will make you a part of their VIP programe.

The mob and casinos go hand in hand when it comes to crime movies. So if you like a good crime thriller film, here are the top five casino movies on Netflix Canada:

  1. Rounders

Mike is a good poker player who tries his luck at a poker game with Russian gangster Teddy KGB. Unfortunately he loses his money and his girlfriend makes him promise to quit gambling. However, when his friend Worm gets out of jail he is forced to break the promise in order to help his friend pay off a debt. Their scam fails and Mike finds out that the debt is owed to Teddy, so he decides to play one last poker game.

  1. Owning Mahowny

Dan Mahowny is a bank employee in Toronto. He seems like a normal, every-day person besides the fact that he “borrows” money from the bank to pay off his debts. Casino boss Victor encourages Dan to gamble even more to the point where he can’t pay off his debts, and Dan’s life seems to get out of control.

  1. Casino

Directed by Martin Scorsese, Casino follows the story of Robert De Niro as Ace Rothstein, the head of the Tangiers Casino and his daily troubles with Nicky, his enforcer, Ginger, his wife and Lester Diamonds, her con-artist ex-boyfriend. Will these troubles bring Ace down or will he rise above them?

  1. Ocean’s Thirteen

Follow Dany Ocean and his chosen few in a plan to avenge Reuben Tishkoff, Dany’s mentor. It features an ensemble cast of high quality actors such as Al Pacino, George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Andy Garcia, Matt Damon and Don Cheadle. This is the third and final movie that concludes Ocean’s Trilogy and a must if you’re a casino movies fan.

  1. Runner Runner

After finding out that he’s been cheated, Richie, a Princeton graduate goes to Costa Rica to confront casino owner Ivan Block. Ivan recruits him but makes some bad moves that involve Richie. When confronted by the FBI Richie has to make a difficult choice: rat out Ivan to the FBI, take the fall for him or try to find a third option more suitable to him.

If you like casino movies then you should check these movies out.

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