5 Canadian Videos You Should Watch Today

Some of these were mentioned in our earlier articles today, but we’ve curated them all into a single post. Take a few minutes to view everything from bad weather in Georgian Bay to a white bear on the coast of BC.

October Gale Trailer: As the Chronicle-Herald reports here, Ruba Nadda has called this “the worst shoot of my life.”

Spirit Bear Trailer: Soon to premiere on In the Nature of Things, this gives you a look at not only a very rare family of bears — a white Kermode with two black cubs — but at another family, of filmmakers who manage to do some remarkable work.

Backroads Trailer: The visible pain of Camilla Stonechild, the woman at the centre of this documentary by Candy Fox, draws you into her story though you know it will be a difficult one to watch.

Danielle Sturk’s short film of Governor-General’s Award winner Reva Stone:
Not only about Reva Stone’s digital media art, but also about conveying it to viewers through video, this is visually striking.

Sons of Granville pitch/pilot video: “If you see them on the street, go check ’em out, they’re really awesome. You’ll probably see a big crowd standing around.” — David Morin, singer/songwriter, from the video. If you’re not lucky enough to run into them on the streets of Vancouver, as our Nick has been, watch this instead. And, if you want to see a full web series on the Sons of Granville, be sure to vote for them at Storyhive, here.

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