Sons of Granville (Storyhive Review)

I’ve decided to take a break at looking at action series pitches for story hive and delve into something more documentary-like. So I checked out the pilot for a series called Sons of Granville, which is a for a documentary series about a small folk-rock band — one I’d actually seen performing live in April 2013.

The band is well known around the Vancouver community and was voted second in the Georgia Straight’s top three local bands pf 2013. The documentary series, if made, will follow their journey through working on a new album as well as take a look at how they work together and explore their passion to create music — and make themselves famous.

It starts out with Matt Lennox (the guitarist) walking down Granville St. in Vancouver, past the Lennox Pub where he explains how he started, and how he met the two other band members who come along and share their stories. A couple fan interviews are shown and the band also describes themselves as well as the uneasiness of being together 24-7. Other interviews include family members and producers who have helped them out on their journey into music.

The three musicians are constantly seen around Granville St. playing live music and always attract a huge crowd. For a documentary pilot, this was actually pretty good. I’m personally a big fan of folk-rock as it’s an amazing genre and I always enjoy the Sons of Granville’s work. The pilot is a bit long, but it covers the important details pretty well, and having this turned into a documentary series would certainly be way more interesting than most pitches I have previously seen. I’ve got high hopes for these talented guys.

(Watch and vote on this pilot at Storyhive, here.)

(Image provided by Michael G. Khmelnitsky)


4.5 stars

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