You Gotta Eat in Memphis? Catucci Goes South

neonburgerWho knew? It seems that Memphis, Tennessee, is home to a casual dining establishment called Kooky Canuck. (They’ve also got a branch in Cordova — that’s Cordova, TN, not Cordova Street in Vancouver, though it wouldn’t be out of place there among all the tourists wandering around in search of an authentic Canadian experience.)

Anyway — John Catucci, popular host of the Food Network Canada’s You Gotta Eat Here, is taking over the Memphis location tomorrow and Sunday to tape an episode. He’s been challenged to eat a specialité de la maison, the Kookamonga Burger, described by the restaurant as “SEVEN AND A HALF POUNDS TOTAL…but the fries are optional.”

He probably won’t have any room left to try the deep-fried Cornish game hen, let alone the poutine.

(Via Memphis Business Journal)

If you think the Food Network Canada can make you a TV personality, well, you just may be right. Even if — especially if — you’re not much of a cook. Right now they’ve got a casting call out for Chef In Your Ear, which teams up pro chefs with “fun people who are slightly CLUELESS in the kitchen“. According to the Casting Group, they’ve got some chefs lined up who believe they can talk you through cooking a restaurant-quality dish in an hour or less. You can  see the details here,  plus apply or — if you’re an okay cook — nominate someone you know who isn’t.

If you want to pitch your own idea to the Food Network, you can see what they’re looking for — and not looking for — here.

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