Playing in the Peg: Cinematheque

bridge-287577_1280Winnipeg Film Group’s Cinematheque is, as it says, “screening the very best in Canadian and world cinema” right now — and here’s a little bit of what it’s presenting over the next few days:

  • The Great Beauty — last year’s Best Foreign Film at the Oscars looks at the glamourous life of Jep Gambardella as he re-evaluates it at age 65. In Italian with English subtitles. Opens Feb. 11th.
  • The Lunchbox — an Indian homemaker’s lunchbox note to her husband goes to the wrong guy. Complications ensue. Dinner — modeled on the lunch Ila packs for her husband — is included in admission. Opens Feb. 12th.
  • Monsoon — also set in India, made by Canadian documentarist Sturla Gunnarsson, this chronicles the effects — good and bad — of the rains that fall on India each year.
  • Nocturna — a 2007 Spanish animated feature for kids, plays along with the Canadian short Le Dernier Soir as part of the free Cabin Fever series aimed at families with children. Opens Feb. 15th.

All screenings take place at the Artspace building at 100 Arthur Street at Bannatyne – one block west of Main.

Sturla Gunnarsson is also taking part in the National Screen Institute’s third annual NSI Aboriginal Documentary¬†¬† course, where documentary teams undergo a two-week boot camp from industry pros. Their work will eventually air on APTN.

Even as the Prairie winter drags on and on, there’s plenty going on in Winnipeg for anyone who loves good films, whether you make them or just prefer to watch. If you’re in the city, check out what’s going on there.


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