The Best Binge-Worthy Mexican TV Series on Netflix Right Now


Here at Hollywood North Mag, we’re huge fans of Netflix especially when Fall is almost upon us and before we know it the nights will be getting longer and the weather more undesirable. A Netflix binge has never sounded like a more appealing way to spend the weekend. There’s no need to get dressed so you can go the theatre and there’s literally movies and series’ on tap – it’s a win-win.

So, grab your comforter and your favourite snacks (or a Poutine from Uber Eats) and get ready to spend the weekend hibernating and watching some of our favourite Mexican TV shows.

La Casa de las Flores

If you’re looking for a Mexican TV series that is a little OTT will literally have you in stitches then Casa de las Flores (House of Flowers) is definitely for you. Though the opening scene starts a little bit dark (trigger warning) the series that follows a wealthy family based in Mexico City. It’s full of drama, sibling rivalry and steamy secrets.

There’s only one season on Netflix at the moment, but after you’ve watched the first episode you’ll be super glad to hear that it’s second season release date has been announced – October 18th.

Queen of the South

The Queen of the South aired in 2016 and if you’ve not binged on this show yet you’re sure to not be disappointed if you go missing for a few weekends while you get caught up. It’s an adaptation of a Latin American Telenova under the same name (La Reina del Sur) which has been ongoing since February 2011. The show follows Alice Braga’s character, Teresa Mendoza rise through the ranks to become the head of a drug cartel in Mexico. It’s highly captivating and packed full of action from the getgo. There are currently all 4 seasons available on Netflix

El Chapo

Following the infamous true story of drug lord Joaquin Guzman, AKA, El Chapo, this series has just the right amount of intense storytelling mixed with a little bit of gore. If you’re a fan of Narcos, the first episode will see him dealing with Pablo Escobar and, from that moment you’re sure to be hooked. “The story of both the street life and the way politicians and police behaved towards the drug game is portrayed fantastically and you have three whole seasons to gorge on, ” comments Mateo Martinez film and TV enthusiast and spokesperson at reviewbox.com.mx.

Narcos: Mexico

Fans of the original Narcos will love this spin-off series based on the early 1980s drug war raging in Mexico and the Guadalajara Cartel. The show stars everyone’s favourite Michael Pena and Diego Luna, this show get’s a solid 8.4 on IMDB.

There’s only one season on there right now, but, at 50 minutes per episode and 10 episodes to get through, that’ll keep you busy for at least Sunday, right?


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