Wine, Roses, Starlight, and Other Film News

The National Screen Institute’s Online Short Film Festival is accepting entries until Monday, July 13, 2015 at 4:30 p.m. CST. There’s $4000 in  cash awards — read all about it at the NSI site.

We’re a little late with this news, but there are a couple of days left to see The Days Of Wine And Roses at the University of Toronto’s Hart House Theatre. Though brought to life on stage in this incarnation, J.P. Miller’s story of a bright young couple’s slide from social drinking into alcoholism first appeared as a televised play in 1958, then was adapted by Miller into a film which came out in 1962. In this production, Jeff Peller directs a cast of actors who are all, themselves, in recovery. It’s presented by Renascent, Canada’s leading alcohol and drug treatment centre.

Director Mackenzie Gray was on hand at the Celluloid Social Club in Vancouver last night, talking about the making of The Starlight Heist: ensuring there was “nothing modern” where they were shooting the period piece, cutting it frame by frame, and exactly how long a “short” can be, not counting the credits.

The viewers at Cannes seem let down to hear that Andrew Cividino’s older than he looks, he tells The National Post’s Chris Knight — they tend to take him for a 20-something wunderkind.

And the TIFF is seeking to add a little “Cannes-style competition” this year via ” an international juried competition with a $25,000 prize” reports Linda Barnard in The Toronto Star. The award will go to an “artistically ambitious” film.

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