The End of the World, and Then There’s Ukkusiksalik

It’s Only the End of the World, or Juste La Fin Du Monde in the original French, Xavier Dolan’s next film, will star Marion Cotillard, Lé​a Seydoux and Vincent Cassel, the CBC tells us.

“And then there’s Ukkusiksalik [National Park], which got zero visitors,” says Parks Canada employee, law student, and now filmmaker, Justin Fisch. He and Matt Szczepanski, who traveled to the Arctic last year as part of Students on Ice, are going to fix that by bringing Ukkusiksalik to southern Canadians on film. Sarah Rogers reports at NunatsiaqOnline.

As his doc Being Canadian hits screens, filmmaker Rob Cohen recalls his humble beginnings for The London Free Press: He was a production assistant who started giving jokes to the writers on The Tracey Ullman Show so they could finish up and everyone could go home.

Back to the CBC, where Chris Carter, creator of the X-Files, tells The Early Edition‘s Rick Cluff  he’s looking forward to getting back to Vancouver for the reboot this summer. Among his reasons: ” It gives you what I call free atmosphere.”

Anne Pick is the winner of this year’s Don Haig Award, NorthernStars reports. It goes to  an outstanding Canadian independent producer with a feature-length film in competition at Hot Docs.

Shomi and Entertainment One have cut a deal for more than 175 movies, including the drama Tinker Tailor Solider Spy, family favourite Gnomeo & Juliet, Canadian cult-comedy Fubar, and the romance Seeking a Friend for the End of the World, they’ve announced via CNW.

Come by tomorrow for the word on how National Canadian Film Day gets celebrated all across the country.



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