Storytelling, Funding, Partying, and a Musical T-Rex

duchovny montec(Via PRNewswire) Back on the X-Files trail and on the cover of Montecristo magazine, David Duchovny gets down to the basics of the whole entertainment industry: “[Y]ou’re telling a story or you’re entertaining people—or both, hopefully.”

(Via CNW/Telbec) The Quebecor Fund has announced the names of Canadian productions that will receive the next round of funding under its Main Television Production Assistance Program (MPAP). Productions funded include Cineflix Media’s Property Brothers (Season 6), and Dans l’œil du dragon, the Québec version of  Dragon’s Den, by Attraction Images Productions IV Inc.

SMPIA says “Eat, drink, and be merry while you mix and mingle with other professionals in the industry” at the two holiday parties it’s throwing, in Saskatoon this Wednesday and in Regina on the 17th. Details and sign-up here.

Speaking of Saskatchewan talent, SMPIA members Chris Atkinson & Paul Runalls are running a “crowdfunding campaign to hire a Saskatchewan up and coming animator to create a new Ty the T-REX music cartoon.” Read about the cartoon here, and find out all about their Indiegogo campaign — including how you can help and how they’ll thank you — here.

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