Praxis, Trumped, Buffer, and VIMFF

(Via WireService.ca) Congratulations to the six screenwriters chosen for the Whistler Film Festival Praxis Screenwriters Lab. During the WFF, they’ll get mentoring from industry experts in bringing their projects from script to production. More on this later.

(Via Marketwired) You’ve Been Trumped, a “funny, inspiring and heartbreaking” documentary on Donald Trump, will be available to Canadians through the Emerging Pictures Network of Twenty Year Media, parent company Mobio Technologies Inc. announces. The Vancouver-based Mobio says the film captures the “cultural chasm” between Trump and a community in Scvidalotland where he tries to turn wilderness into a luxury resort.

(Via PRNewsWire) And they say there’s no film festival season: Late October will see two film festivals with niche focus but international scope hit Toronto. Buffer Festival, which showcases the world’s most acclaimed YouTube creators, will launch its third edition on October 23rd. Buffer was founded by Canada’s own Corey Vidal, pictured at last year’s festival. The very next day, the Vancouver International Mountain Film Festival will be visiting TO for the first time in its 18 years, thanks to the Alpine Club of Canada, Toronto Section.

(Photo: tylerrumi)

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