WFF Praxis Screenwriters Lab Names Participants, Projects

(Via WireService.ca) The WFF Praxis Screenwriters Lab havs announced there will be six writers participating in its script writing program this year. The program is hosted by Whistler Film Festival in association with Praxis Centre based in Vancouver. Over the course of December 1st to December 5th, the participants will learn all of the fundamentals of making a full length feature script, getting it into production and even premiering it in Whistler. The Screenwriters Lab will be mentored by industry professionals and experienced producers who will help to rethink strategies for full length script ideas and teach everything through group discussions and one-on-one courses.

The selections include:

Andrew McEvoy (BC) with suspenseful family drama The Sounding Line
Jesse Heffring (QC) with thought-provoking sci-fi thriller Everything is Supernova
Joadie Jurgova (NS) with psychological drama Trespassers Will Be Executed
Katherine Wagner (BC) with character-driven sports thriller Omertà
Sara Beth Edwards (BC) with action/thriller The Waitress
Steven Owad (AB) with small town drama of race and violence Love in the Age of Terror

Originally a program at SFU, the Praxis Centre for Screenwriters has been going for 28 years. Over 200 scripts have gone through this program and over 35 of these scripts have been produced and filmed, some even released at Whistler Film Festival. Screenwriters have come from all 10 provinces and have been coached by industry professionals from  throughout the world. Professor Praticia Gruben, the founder, will continue to act as director of this program, though Praxis is relocating to Whistler for their expanded partnership with WFF. Gruben says “With this new program, which is focused on business development for screenplays that we’ve already worked with creatively, we’ll connect with the great opportunities the Festival provides – connecting with directors, producers, marketing executives as well as Variety 10 Screenwriters to Watch.”


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