Souffle au Chocolat (Review)

No, it isn’t about dessert. It isn’t anything like this movie either. This movie is a romance actually. Mainly focused on French Canadian couple Noemie (Emilie Gosselin) and Marc (Michel Duran).
The film starts out showing the two with their current lifestyle in Vancouver. Yes, a French-language film taking place in Vancouver. At first Noemie is having some frustrations with her husband Marc, but he resolves things instantly by getting her a lovely bracelet. They have made plans for a week-long vacation in a little corner of paradise on Galiano Island. There they meet another couple, their friends Cyril (Alex, full name unknown) and Laure (Erica Bulman). Cyril is always making strange remarks and complaining, while Laure manages things on her own.

After they have themselves a feast near the water, the couples decide to explore Galiano. The next day, they look around the island and partake in activities like canoeing and hiking. Noemie and Laure meet up with Cyril’s lady friend Lyse (Mel Dion) who is also a French Canadian.

Eventually in the evening, the ladies talk about their lives. Lyse says she has no idea what she’s looking for in love. After Lyse serves everybody her special chocolate soufflé and some beer they party down to stock footage music. And it just so happens that while stepping outside for a breather, Lyse starts to take an interest in Marc and suggests he get together with her. Marc is speechless about it, but also finds her charming. But are Marc and Noemie really going to think of letting their perfect relationship be destroyed?

This films shows the outcome of what happens when someone new comes between two people. The scenery was absolutely amazing, and they even actually did shoot most of this movie in Vancouver. The story did seem a bit slow paced and awkward but I still managed to enjoy it.

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