More Labour Day News

The CBC has “20 things you need to know about TIFF 2015” as the anticipation builds for Thursday.

For more TIFF news, see: Cassandra Szklarski’s CP article (via CTV) on how “this 40th edition will be the first in decades to not include a single Canuck-themed program.” Some outlets, like 680 News, are calling this “courting broad audiences.”

At NorthernStars, Ralph Lucas writes that “there is no actual season for film festivals, it just seems that way” and gives a full summary of the non-season now getting underway.

Several staff at Montreal’s World Film Festival have emailed the CBC complaining that they haven’t been paid, some for weeks. The festival communications director, Henry Welsh,  says money should be forthcoming soon after everything finishes — which is today.

(Via WireService.ca) This Changes Everything, a documentary by Avi Lewis inspired by Naomi Klein’s book of the same name on the effects of climate change, will open in Canada just 10 days before the fall election, announces Video Services Corp (VSC), which has obtained all Canadian rights. It’s also premiering at TIFF.

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