Monday Laughs from the Screen World

David Berry at The National Post thinks celebrity “junket interviews” are passé and “could be conducted by a lump of warm PlayDoh with a placard reading “What was it like to work with Scarlett Johansson?” stuck in it.”

“If I was having an intervention I would charge my phone. I would not hold an intervention not fully charged. But you would.” From The Bad Mother, a comedy “starring a middle-aged woman and her real family” by Hamilton filmmaking team Sarah Kapoor (said woman) and David-James Fernandes.  The CBC reports on their Kickstarter campaign.

Meanwhile, on MasterChef Canada, “David and Jennifer’s delicious tarts with perfect pastry cream were not enough to save them from the bottom two, as judge Claudio discovered incomplete, empty profiteroles,” according to a CTV press release via CNW.

Rob Cohen, director of Being Canadian, Eh, tried to avoid the obvious cliches, according to The Vancouver Sun, “But we do have a ‘sorry montage’ in there just to get it out of the way.”

In The Toronto Sun, Colm Feore tells Canadians what’s in it for them on National Canadian Film Day: “[T]here’s nothing in it for them,” says Feore, “except sitting down together, all facing in the same direction. And seeing ourselves reflected back at us.” 

If journalism by modeling clay, interventions for overworked moms, unfilled profiteroles, a sorry montage, and the thought of 35 million people sitting down to watch films about themselves doesn’t make you laugh, well, we’re . . . sorry. And stay tuned for a review of the comedy web series Complete Works.




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