Bilingual Crew Call, Cook Casting Call, and Sharing at Karagarga

MFM has posted a crew call for the French-language TV show St. Nickel. They need someone for  Key Hair, Set Decorator,  and Assistant Costume/Wardrobe Truck Supervisor; you don’t have to be bilingual, but it helps

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Monday Laughs from the Screen World

David Berry at The National Post thinks celebrity “junket interviews” are passé and “could be conducted by a lump of warm PlayDoh with a placard reading “What was it like to work with Scarlett Johansson?”

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Seen and Heard, Here and There

From North, South, around the world, but mostly from our inbox: (Via PRWeb )  Celebrity chef Mrs. Ruby Tips has some very specialized suggestions for your Oscar Night party: American Snapper, Birdman Cordon Bleu, Grand

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