Bilingual Crew Call, Cook Casting Call, and Sharing at Karagarga

MFM has posted a crew call for the French-language TV show St. Nickel. They need someone for  Key Hair, Set Decorator,  and Assistant Costume/Wardrobe Truck Supervisor; you don’t have to be bilingual, but it helps a lot. They also need a bilingual Production Coordinator. Details here.

A casting call in Calgary over the weekend recruited local Mongolians for the comedy-drama Burn Your Maps, which will begin filming this month with the Kananaskis area standing in for Mongolia. The Calgary Herald’s Eric Volmers reports.

Another open casting call — this one’s for home cooks who’d like to be on MasterChef Canada — will be held at the InterContinental Toronto Centre Hotel on Saturday, July 18th and Sunday July 19th, 2015. You can read all the requirements here –– and be sure you do read the requirements, says our writer Nick Wangersky who’s worked as a PA on a cooking show, lots of confusion is created by people showing up not quite ready.

In a special to The National Post, Calum Marsh writes about the file-sharing site Karagarga and its “tendency toward the difficult and obscure that has made Karagarga so reliable a haven for cinephiles of discerning tastes.”


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