Writing Tips From A Pro: Talking with Michael Adams, Part II

Michael Adams is a screenwriter and script consultant working/writing in the business for over 20 years. He works with producers that have scripts that hum but need to sing. Like a phenomenal soccer coach that leads their players to victory, Michael is able to do the same with a script. He is a master at spotting what a script lacks. He states that more writers need to apply all crucial elements available to their scripts.

Some writers are amazing at describing scenes, action or character but lack in other areas. Before allowing any of your scripts to be read by a producer, be absolutely sure you’ve put in the work. Make it engaging, compelling, believable, with flawless structure, convincing dialogue and powerful  character arcs.

One out of every two thousand scripts ever gets produced and only one out of ten makes money. This is a direct correlation of stories that lack fundamental elements of great storytelling.

As a writer submitting a script to a producer, become part of the creative team and not just the seller. Be willing to work with the producer if you don’t want to be cut out of the project.

Subtext is worth its weight in gold. It’s accomplished by using every available facet to indicate emotion, reaction, defining character and conflict.

There’s no age limit in screenwriting. Canadian TV can compete with American. We have great writers and crew right here in our own back yard.

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