Milestone Anniversaries, Reading Princess Bride at TIFF, NFB Goes Atlantic

This year’s Jason Reitman Live Read at TIFF will feature the script of The Princess Bride, the Festival has just announced. This unique annual event casts today’s actors in a readers’ theatre version of a classic film. As TIFF puts it, “Who will avenge Inigo Montoya’s father? Who will fill the inimitable Fezzik’s enormous shoes? Who will breathe new life into the part of Miracle Max?” They’re not saying — yet. The reading will take place at 6:00 PM on September 12th at Ryerson Theatre.

The Atlantic Film Festival will showcase several NFB films, including award-winning Halifax filmmaker Rachel Bower’s short on the life of mid-century Maritime singer Charlie Chamberlain, The Singing Lumberjack. An “erotic comedy” about a middle-aged couple — in Claymation — the international co-production Sexy Laundry, by Izabela Plucinska, is another NFB (actually Clay Traces GBR / Fundacja Las Sztuki / NFB) offering at the Festival.

On Thursday, the Canadian Film Institute will celebrate 80 years of pushing for films made somewhere other than Hollywood. The Ottawa Citizen’s Peter Robb reports the party will take place at Jean Pigott Place inside Ottawa City Hall from 5:30 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.

Film Brockville, meanwhile, is celebrating its 10th year (at its current location; the program’s been running for 20 years), bringing TIFF films to town, The Brockville Recorder’s Sabrina Bedford writes. This grassroots group proves “there’s still a market for independent films in small communities.”

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