Looking Back at DOXA 2016 (with Video)

It was a good year for Vancouver’s DOXA Documentary Film Festival, which wrapped up on Saturday. How good was it? It was so good that:

  • Most film screenings at the Festival sold out in advance.
  • They had to schedule an extra screening of The Infinite Happiness, by popular demand. (Happiness is, apparently, an apartment complex in Denmark that’s built to function more as a village — housing and community are all too often issues for Vancouverites.)
  • Industry Day was expanded for this year — an essential these days when “filmmakers are increasingly required to not only make their films, but to understand promotion, proliferating platforms, and new means of accessing audience” as DOXA says.
  • The Festival met its Aeroplan Campaign goal of 50,000 miles — used to fly filmmakers in — thanks to the support of contributors.

The awards ceremony took place on Saturday night, with Brett Story’s The Prison in Twelve Landscapes taking home both the the Colin Low Award for Canadian Documentary and the Feature Prize. For other winners, see this page at the DOXA site

This is the first edition of the Festival for DOXA’s new Executive Director Kathleen Mullen, and congratulations are in order.

Now let’s watch one of the please-don’t-block-the-aisle videos . . .


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