Hot in Whistler, “So You”, Swift Current

(Via WireService.ca) ” ‘Canada’s coolest film fest’ just got 50 degrees hotter,” according to a media release from Whistler Film Festival, which has just published its 2015 lineup. It includes the Canadian premiere of Todd Haynes’ Carol, plus “an unprecedented number of Canadian features with over 60% of WFF selections homegrown.” The Festival runs from December 2nd through 6th at the popular BC ski resort.

(Via MarketWired) It’s a documentary that tells a “gut-wrenching” true story, but its goal is “to offer hope and a solution to an issue that is affecting our most vulnerable population,” says Sheldon Kennedy, subject of Swift Current. The film, directed by Joshua Rofé, is the story of Kennedy’s abuse by his hockey coach, and of two youth who connect with him after also being abused. Premiering at the Rendezvous with Madness Film Festival in Toronto, it will be used by the Sheldon Kennedy Child Advocacy Centre to educate and inform.

(Via WireService.ca) Montreal pop artist NJ Taylor didn’t plan to make a video for her single “So You”, but ” at the very last minute” she decided, since the song was serving as her introduction to the British market, it’d be a good idea to have one. The video was directed and edited by Rich Misener and produced by Cut Cartel of Toronto.


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