1999 (Review)

A drama that focuses on Tamil immigrants, trying to adjust to their new lives in Canada.

The film starts out with four guys in a car, heading down the street, while hip-hop music plays. After nearly five minutes of driving, the gang follows the driver of a delivery car to their home and demands he leave. One of them shoots the deliveryman.

Later, an angry out of control father scolds his son Anpu (Suthan Mahalingam) for being part of a gang led by someone named Kumar (Thelepan Somasegaram). Anpu drives along narrating about his life, even stating himself that there are no gang deals and Kumar is not as bad as some people think.

Anpu also talks about Akilan, who his dad admires more. Akilan (Kaandee Kana) is an ambitious person visiting his grandpa, and studying for some courses in Waterloo. But Anpu and Akilan are enemies as they both love the same woman, Geetha.

Kumar’s story is he’s a gang leader and he wants to leave this life behind for the sake of himself and his brother because he is sick and tired of all the violence. When he finds out his brother killed the deliveryman from the night before, Kumar gets more upset. He calls up his fellow gang members to meet up regarding the incident.  Kumar gives Anpu a gun to defend himself while he goes away to Montreal. Akilan and some of his fellow students go door to door to raise sponsorship for an orphanage outside of Canada. Who would’ve thought that these three men’s paths would cross unexpectedly, and will anything get resolved?

This was an interesting film to watch, showing that gangs aren’t all about killing, but that it isn’t an enjoyable or easy life. The dialogue was generic but still full of innovation, the camera shots were interesting, even the first few that seemed a bit misleading at first. The story seemed so realistic and it really added a new perspective to things. While some of the sequence was slightly out of context, it still processed pretty well.

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