Good News About The Bad Mother (With Video)

(Via CNW) Black Women Film! holds its official launch this evening. The name of this new leadership program says it all — it’s designed to help “emerging filmmakers and media artists who are Black female identified of the Canadian African diaspora to forward their careers and practices in filmmaking.” The intense program of workshops and discussions will take place May 21st through 31st.  You can read more about it here.

(Via CNW) Just in time for Mother’s Day, The Bad Mother is now available for rent, purchase and gift worldwide via Video On Demand. This independent dramatic comedy, filmed in Hamilton, Ontario, and Creston, BC, stars Sarah Kapoor, whose real family joins her onscreen. (She says “None of it’s true and all of it’s true.”) It’s the story of 30-something Tara, who has to deal with kids versus career, a co-worker who’s also her ex, and her mother, who she believes can give her zits just by giving her a certain look.

Order it here.

(Via CNW) Who knows best about discoverability? The millennials, ” the most digitally connected demographic in history”, according to the CRTC and NFB. That’s why a youth edition of  the Discoverability Summit is being held in TO on May 2nd. The main summit will take place May 10th and 11th, with input from the youth edition.

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