Last Tango Vancouver (Review)

If there’s one thing that made me uncomfortable during relationships, it was when the girl accused me of cheating and I needed evidence to show I was clearly not. That’s what this movie is all about as Marco (Steeven K. Sampassa), a photographer, wakes up one morning taking a phone call from a client. His girlfriend Elena (Genevieve Joyal) confronts him believing he’s cheating on her with a model he photographs. A short argument happens causing Elena to ask the personal question whether Marco has sex with his models. A few more moments of snapping at each other and Marco finally decides to bring his girlfriend along to work. Hey, we’ve all done it at some point before.

After a quick drive, Marco meets up with his model for today, Sonia (Ally-V) who gives him a couple kisses and meets Elena. The session goes pretty routinely, with Marco flinging compliments to Sonia as she poses. Sonia sends compliments back, even offering to take them out for drinks, and Elena just gets more annoyed, thinking the wrong thing about all of this.

While this film wasn’t much in length, it was still entertaining and interesting. The magnificent use of the photos taken during the shoot being shown in the movie is a lovely touch showing just how professional Marco is. The Vancouver scenery is pretty standard but still provides a nice element. It’s also interesting that the two of them talk to each other in both English and French. The film shows it’s important not to overthink a situation as things aren’t always what they seem. It also teaches that timing is everything.

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