From Pet Rocks to Pinocchio for Tammy Gillis

(Via WireService.ca) Actress Tammy Gillis has a full summer ahead of her. A media release tells us the well known guest star from Motive and Less Than Kind is booked for:

  • Menorca, a feature being produced by Farpoint Films. Tammy plays a hedonistic soccer mom who indulges in her fantasy world, breaking away entirely from her family and life of motherhood. Concluding she has to win back her son’s love, she believes she needs to take his pet rock back to the place it came from: the small Mediterranean island of Menorca. Filming will take place in Spain and Winnipeg.
  • Ties That Bind, UP TV’s series about a Seattle detective. Tammy plays Carla, a former junkie and massage therapist now happily married to a conservative guy, with her sketchy past X’ed out. (Though does the past ever stay X’ed out in detective shows?)
  • The Pinocchio Project, a feature film directed by Anand Raghaven and producer Hayden Wazelle, where she has a leading role.

Tammy Gillis also recently appeared on the new Bravo series Girlfriend’s Guide to Divorce, as well as the Hallmark romantic comedy A Novel Romance and the Lifetime thriller Stolen from the Womb. She currently splits her time between Vancouver and Canada’s east coast and continues to travel to LA and around the world for projects.

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