Nelly and Lio (Review)

I don’t know why I chose to watch this, it was just… strange.

Today I checked out a French-Canadian comedy/horror called Nelly and Lio. The film starts out with Nelly sitting on the front of her car in a forest listening to a corny late night radio host warn his viewers about an escaped murderer before putting on a rock song. (“I’ll keep you company so you’re not scared… He might be that heartbreaker sitting next to you. He might be even be you, my fellow insomniac”) I guess anyone who hosts a late night show goes a little strange after a while.

It just so happens someone is sneaking up on Nelly. It turns out to be her friend Lio, playing a trick on her, and bringing a Christmas tree to “cyrogenize” it in her freezer. When they’re about to leave, a strange old man shows up staring at them from outside the car window. He tells them they’re on his property and threatens to report them to the police. Nelly assaults him for trying to steal their keys and drives away, leaving him slightly injured.

After taking a long drive away from the forest, they step into the nearest rest area to find a trail of blood and a dead victim. I’m not going to give away the rest but I am going to say this was a very awkward short film to watch. The plot didn’t make much sense, the effects were ridiculous, and there wasn’t very much humour that I could understand at all. It was like watching a student film written by somebody too lazy to come up with a decent story.

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