Cross-Platform, MMVA’s, and NSI’s Features First

Don’t worry too much about which platform you use, says TV producer Ted Biggs, just tell the audience the story they want to hear. That could be good news for the many creators who can only afford to post on YouTube . . . Biggs, senior producer of Smokebomb Entertainment (at Shaftesbury Films, makers of Murdoch Mysteries), spoke during Industry Day at the Niagara Integrated Film Festival, and Ray Spiteri of The  Niagara Falls Review has more.

(Via CNW) The awards for Video of the Year, Best Director, Best Pop Video, and Most Buzzworthy Canadian all go to The Weeknd. And if you missed the Much Music Video Awards last night, they’re encoring tonight at 7 p.m. ET, and again throughout the week on Much or on demand now at much.com.

Applications for the National Screen Institute‘s Features First course will open on July 15th (and close on September 12th). This is “a development training launch pad for producer/writer teams looking to produce their first or second feature film with strong commercial appeal”, according to the NSI site, and no director is required. There is an application fee and tuition if your team’s selected; there’s also a bursary for one team.


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