Film Festivals and Funding

(via Xinhuanet.com) Canada will be hosting a Chinese Film Festival in September. The Canada China International Film Festival will be implemented for the first time this year to create a stronger bond between the two countries and show what happens when Chinese films get put together with producers and technology from Canada.

Alley Theatre needs help in funding their play Lost Lagoon. Working with the Playwrights Theatre Centre and Full Circle First Nations Performance, Alley Theatre is planning to show the story of a small body of water in Stanley Park simply known as Xway Xway. The one- person play was written by aboriginal woman Quelemia Sparrow, is directed by Marissa Emma Smith, and dramaturged by Heidi Taylor. Donating can be done here.

(via broadwayworld.com) Canadian Sport Film Festival prepares for its launch on May 20. Coming up on year #8, CSFF will showcase films about peoples favourite sports and even some of the teams they cheer on. Films in CSFF all seem to centre around powerful stories about sports, recreation, and people finding hope through them. Currently there will be 23 sport related films playing this year.

The Northwest Horror Show officially begins as of this evening. A chance to see some classic scary films, the film festival at VIFC will officially cover the whole weekend with Horror films, along with Cult, Exploitation, and Arthouse films, even along with short films, movie trailers, and commercials that used to play years ago at 42nd St. Tickets are still available, more info on the event happening here.

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