TFO Hits the Bayous, Plus Premieres (and Trailers) of Stolen Path and Basic Human Needs

(Via PRNewswire) Groupe Média TFO announce it’s going international: “Louisiana Public Broadcasting will be offering the French-language educational content we produce in our Toronto studios, along with content created by our production partners,” says Glenn O’Farrell, Groupe Média TFO President and CEO. The shows are aimed at “Francophones and future Francophones” ages two to eight.

Indie drama Stolen Path screened last night in Vancouver to mark National Canadian Film Day, and though the film’s won multiple awards at festivals in Canada and abroad, its creators are still looking to improve it with feedback from preview audiences. Read here about this emotional and beautifully produced story, based on a Croatian novel in turn based on real life events. And the real life events that led to the making of the movie are pretty amazing, too . . .

Another love story — well, director/star Matt Yim describes it as “essentially a pregnancy-scare comedy” — Basic Human Needs premieres in Regina, where it was filmed, tomorrow.  CBC News notes that its own Sheila Coles, host of The Morning Edition, has a small but important role in the film — which she won by simply asking for it one day when she saw the filmmakers having coffee.

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