Huntsmen and Holograms

The Huntsman: Winter’s War Taking place before the death of Queen Ravenna (Charlize Theron), part of this film covers what happened when Ravenna’s sister Freya (Emily Blunt) ran away from the kingdom after being betrayed. Freya is an ice queen and possessing Elsa-like powers and spends much of her life in a solitary ice fortress with two huntsmen who refuse to eternally harden their hearts for love. After Freya learns of her sister dying, she has her soldiers bring back the all powerful magic mirror and quickly learns to resurrect Ravenna, to bring forth a powerful force of darkness. Now it’s up to the two huntsmen from earlier, Eric and Sara (Chris Hemsworth and Jessica Chastain) to fight the oncoming storm. To me, the first half sounds way too much like the plot from Disney’s Frozen. Everything else sounds intense but similar to most films that teen girls seem crazy over. Results and ratings look positive but only for those who are into fantasy adventure.

A Hologram for the King Huh boy. Tom Hanks as a businessman sent to Saudi Arabia. This is sure to be cheesy and just plain ridiculous. Our hero from the U.S. is headed to this foreign land to close the best business deal ever. But getting used to the customs there is something of a challenge and the businessman is only able to find help from a taxi driver (Alexander Black) and a local doctor (Sarita Choudhory). While it may sound comedic, it may not be exactly what everyone is looking for. Might actually be just silly…

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