Film Festival announcements, and actors finding new work

James Bradshaw of The Globe and Mail has recently said that Off The Record is being pulled off the air, thus Bell Media will be laying off a lot of employees. While host Michael Landsberg is still staying with Bell to host smaller segments on the other show SportsCentre, a majority of his colleagues face job cuts. Over 380 jobs have been cut so far. Read all about the issue here.

SMPIA has announced the official Saskatchewan Film Week. Anyone living in the regions of Saskatoon and Regina should check out this special event. From November 22-27, the week will consist of screenings, special workshops that teach marketing strategies, and even an awards ceremony for Saskatchewan Independent Films. See the full schedule here.

(via CBC.ca) Winnipeg’s Aboriginal Film Fest to be packed with fire. Not literally though, I hope. While Saskatchewan has it’s own film week, WAFF will be starting around the 22nd as well. For everyone in Manitoba interested in WAFF, there are some interesting flicks worth checking out. Movies such as Firesong, Le Dep, White LiesA Right to Eat, and Mekko are worth a watch.

Anupam Kher is currently shooting with Gerard Butler in Toronto. Anupam seems to enjoy working with Gerard despite the cold weather in Toronto. Together they are starring in a film directed by Mark Williams, and written by Bill Dubuque. More information by Ruchika Kher here at The Hindustan Times.

Starting tomorrow, The Gauntlet’s Jason Herring writes, CUFF.Docs will be screening non-fiction flicks, even though the Calgary Underground Film Festival will not be until April. Coordinators from the festival will be screening 12 documentaries this week from November 19-22. Mainly because there have been too many documentaries being submitted to CUFF when there is room for only 6-8.

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