Greenpeace Documentary premiering soon

(via CNW) As mentioned earlier today, the documentary How To Change The World, will be premiering on HBO Canada. Airing on December 3rd at 9 pm, How To Change The World will explore the story of Greenpeace, a modern movement of activists with the initial plan to make sure the Earth is a better place to live. The Documentary has been praised by critics, and received many awards and accolades, including the Candescent award as well as an editing award at Sundance Film Festival, inclusion in the Top 10 Audience Favourites of the Hot Docs Film Festival, the Pare Lorentz award, and best feature film award at several different film festivals. John Brunton, the CEO of Insight Productions, has stated himself,  “I’ve wanted to tell this story for a very long time, so it’s been incredibly gratifying to see how audiences, critics, and juries around the world have responded to it.”

Directed by Jerry Rothwell of Town of Runners, the documentary begins back in 1971 when a group of friends sail their way into a nuclear test zone to protest. The rest of the documentary tells how the first few protesters form Greenpeace together in an effort to protest tests of atom bombs, courtesy of Richard Nixon. The first protesters to be involved in Greenpeace consist of photographers, scientists, hippie journalists, draft dodgers, and even musicians. Narrated by Bob Hunter, the leader of the group who was originally a journalist in Winnipeg, and including animations based off his very first comics. Going even further into their daring adventures, Greenpeace did whatever it took to protect animals and the Earth, no matter how dangerous it seemed. From riding their boats in the way of harpoon guns to using their own bodies to block ice-breaking ships.

(Photo: howtochangetheworldmovie.com)

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