Cross-Border and Other Stories

Youth Media Alliance (YMA) presented its 2015 Awards of Excellence at a gala last night in Toronto — Broadcaster has the full list of winners and more details.

The third annual Scarborough Worldwide Film Festival opens on June 2nd at the University of Toronto Scarborough, and the first day’s free, Sam Juric reports in The Scarborough Mirror. Alicia Harris’ award-winning short documentary Fatherhood will be among the screenings.

Other than that, it’s looking like a very cross-border kind of day in Canadian film and TV news.

Not to scare anyone, but at Mondaq, John McKeown tells how “a rogue movie producer transformed the plaintiff’s five second acting performance . . . into part of a blasphemous video proclamation against the prophet Mohammed” and a (U.S.) court found the plaintiff had no copyright on her performance. No idea how that would work in Canada.

Grace of Monaco, which screened in Canada as Princess Grace but was never released in theatres in Grace’s native U.S., has finally premiered there — on Lifetime TV. The late princess’ goddaughter, Grace Dale, says once again that the film is inaccurate, and in a media release via WireService.ca, she picks apart “Nicole Kidman’s speech . . . highlighting which words could have sounded like Grace and which ones she would never have said.”

Well, everyone from  Dragons’ Den’s Arlene Dickinson (“I’m out!”) to Stephen Harper (“Too much infighting in Ottawa.”) has had a cameo on CBC’s Murdoch Mysteries, and now, Clare Douglas of Hello! Canada tells us, it’s William Shatner’s turn to come home and play a part — famous (U.S.) author Mark Twain.


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