Princess Grace Comes to Canada — Not the U.S.

(Via WireService.ca) Grace of Monaco, or Princess Grace to give the film its Canadian title, is already available in Canada without yet having been even released in the U.S. But this may not be much of a favour to Canadian moviegoers.

A press release promoting the book My Days with Princess Grace of Monaco, by Joan Dale, calls the film “dubious” and says it’s “masquerading as a biopic”. It says the children of the Hollywood star turned European royalty have called the film “completely fictional and inaccurate, bordering on a farce.”

In what’s been called the year of biopics, this at first looked like an Oscar contender, with Nicole Kidman playing the lady who began as Grace Kelly. However, though Best Picture nominee Selma was also accused of historical inaccuracies, Grace of Monaco/Princess Grace had further issues. Apparently differences arose between director Olivier Dahan (La Vie en Rose) and producer Harvey Weinstein. The film screened at Cannes — and eventually earned Ms. Kidman  the 2015 BARFTA Award (British Academy for Rubbish Films and Terrible Acting). Whatever the ultimate reason, it has never opened, and may never open, in the United States.

Rather than being a complete biography, Grace of Monaco/Princess Grace covers a period of political turmoil and the threat of war in the tiny nation, just as Grace is contemplating a return to Hollywood.

Grace did visit Canada for the first time to attend the Montreal Expo in 1967, sadly suffering a miscarriage while here.

“Based on a true story” — the debate on what that means is ongoing.


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