Corus Takeover, TJFF Awards, New TV Series in Production

Well, it’s finally been settled. Corus has acquired Shaw Media, as announced on shawmedia.ca corusent.com. With Shaw Media containing 19 different sections of entertainment, such as Food Network Canada, BBC Canada, and many more unique channels being broadcast all around Canada, Corus Entertainment upon acquisition has increased its number of specialty channels from 26 to 45. Other new changes include 39 radio stations, 15 conventional channels, and even a bold new logo that simply shows exciting new things to come.

(via wireservice.ca) The Toronto Jewish Film Festival has announced the winners of TJFF’s  24th year. Premiering on May 9, the documentary Arabic Movie has won the David A. Stein Memorial Award, which is a $5000 cash award named in memory of the well known documentarian who passed away in 2004. The Micki Moore Award was given to the film Papa Was Not A Rolling Stone which tells the story of Sylvie Ohayon’s childhood in an impoverished neighbourhood in Paris. This prize also brings a cash award of $5000.

Nick Goundry of kftv.com writes that a TV series based off Taken is currently in production in Toronto. Released in 2008, Taken was a film about a CIA agent named Bryan Mills (Liam Neeson) on the search for his kidnapped daughter. The film grew into a three-part franchise. However, this new series does not take the story forward, but stars Clive Standen as a younger Bryan Mills in the days before the incidents of the first movie. The month long pilot shoot is expected to be finished next week.

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